Top 5 Apps to Make Sure Your Child Becomes a Math Wizard

Top 5 Apps to Make Sure Your Child Becomes a Math Wizard

Math is one of those skills that have to be practiced until they are fully automated and that’s where mobile apps can be very handy. Apps use various gamification tactics to disguise education as entertainment and deliver an endless stream of math challenges, which is a perfect combo to keep your kids motivated.

Nicola Maths

In a race against time, you have to solve as many multiple choice math problems as you can. The official record in our office is 84, but we are getting better by the hour. The company behind the app also teases geography and language quizzes in the near future.

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Quick Maths

Among the notable features of this app is the handwriting recognition, which means you can write your answer on the screen instead of typing it in. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard app — it allows you to practice solving basic math problems and the problems get increasingly complex as you advance.

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Big Math Flash Cards

What it lacks in features it makes up for in user experience. The app uses minimalist design, mellow colors, and very smooth interactions, which makes the whole thing feel almost therapeutic. That’s not to say that the app doesn’t have any educational value — it’s still a valid way to practice basic math. Not very entertaining, but oh so aesthetically pleasing.

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What we love about this app is that it goes beyond numbers and challenges children with a variety of visual puzzles. It’s fun and stimulating and never boring. Moreover, the app claims that the more puzzles you solve, the better it gets at matching your skill level with an appropriate challenge.

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Solving fractions remains a challenging task well into adulthood, so it’s best to start conquering them as early as possible. This wonderful app visualizes fractions using bars and pies, and helps children develop an easy and practical way of handling fractions in their head.

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Those are our top five apps for practicing basic math. Have you tried any of those? Do you know of any other apps that should have made our list? Let us know in the comments.