Top 10 mistakes that prevent your child from reading with pleasure

Top 10 mistakes that prevent your child from reading with pleasure

It’s no surprise that modern children don’t enjoy reading. Well, that makes sense. There weren’t so many opportunities for entertainment in our childhood. Nowadays, it’s enough to have a gadget in your hand to get into the world of virtual reality.

The pleasure of reading is a skill that needs to be developed. Don’t expect that one day your kid will open the book and comprehend the great mystery of reading, start now! We’ve made a list of the most common parental mistakes that prevent kids from reading with pleasure.

Parents don’t have a habit of reading

We often try to instill in children values that we don’t ourselves have. If you spend hours on the web, playing games, watching TV shows or chatting, what then do you expect from a child? Start reading! Give your kids a proper example to follow. You can also arrange evenings of family reading. However, keep in mind that the book should appeal to all family members.

The child is not allowed to choose a book

Please, understand that you choose a book not for yourself, but for a child! Let them read what they want. Don’t get sentimental and impose books that you loved in your childhood.

Kids are forced to read

If you want to turn kids away from books forever, force them to read! Every day, at least 20 pages. We also recommend you choose the most boring book and use the standard parental blackmail “Unless you read, I won’t let you play with your friends”. 

You don’t listen to audiobooks

Let me guess, you listen to the radio when driving. Why don’t you switch to audiobooks? Just think, every day, the child spends at least an hour on the road. Use this time for a good cause. Turn on a fascinating adventure story or whatever it is your child enjoys.

There is no cozy reading space at home

It’s extremely important to have a private cozy reading area at home. The right atmosphere and good lighting will allow your child to dive into the fascinating world of books uninterrupted and undistracted.

You are waiting for a miracle

Don’t wait for your child to just start reading. Once again: reading is a skill that requires daily training. Don’t hope for miracles. Try to inspire and motivate your child by visiting a bookstore, for example.

Parents don’t understand why exactly the child needs to read

When you try to encourage your kids to read a book their first question is going to be ‘whyyyy’. What are you going to tell them? Because it better sound convincing. It’s not because reading makes you smart and educates you about all matter of things  — that mauch can be achieved online. It’s because reading develops empathy, imagination, and learning stamina — things that can hardly be developed any other way. Your task is to convey this message to the kids.

You interrupt the child

Never interrupt kids when they are reading. If they make a mistake, wait till the end of the sentence. And remember, you don’t need to correct the kid every time. Use this practice only in case of a blunder.

You deny gadget access as punishment

Thinking that gadgets are evil is, frankly, an oversight. Modern technologies have become a part of our daily routine. We can’t deny this fact. But it’s not the gadgets that are evil, just the way we use them. Try to use technologies for educational instead of entertainment purposes. There are lots of applications that help children to start reading on the Internet. And there is one in particular that stands out.

Nicola Read2Play is designed specifically to combine games and reading. The child has to spend some time reading to make games and cartoons available on the device. Nicola tracks eye movement, so it actually knows whether your child is reading or not. And, on top of that, motivating game elements are integrated into the application. The kid has the opportunity to choose a funny animal that grows when they read. Such an attitude tends to develop the habit of reading without stress.

There are no books in the house

Last but not least. It’s strange to expect a keen reading attitude from your child if they aren’t aware of the value of books. Surely, it’s convenient when a huge library is placed in one small e-book.

However, if you want your child to understand the importance of reading, paper books in beautiful covers should be put on shelves.