Test: Are You Good At Motivating Your Kids To Study?

Test: Are You Good At Motivating Your Kids To Study?

We all want our kids to do well at school. But we often forget that even talented children need motivation. After all, family support is the best drive for them. Take this test to figure out whether you do enough to motivate your child to study well.

1. What is the role of reading in your family?

A) People don’t need books today. Youtube provides us with educational content

B) Huge. We love reading

C) To be honest, I don’t really like reading. But I tell my kids about the importance of reading

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The preferred answer is B.

Regular reading is the key to being successful at school. As the love of reading is closely connected with the love of learning. Educational videos don’t give you such benefits as reading gives  — good memory, critical thinking, rich vocabulary, boosted imagination. 

2. How often do you read books?

A) Occasionally, but I try to read books in the presence of my kid

B) I read 1-2 books a year or don’t read at all

C) I read books quite often, but always on my own

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The optimal answer is A.

You have to show your kid that reading can be enjoyable. If they see you are fond of reading books, they will get the importance of reading.

3. Do you have a trusting relationship with your kid?

A) My kids share everything with me, good or bad

B) My child is quite reserved. Unfortunately, we rarely discuss personal matters

C) My child shares only their joys/failures with me

The optimal answer is A.

It’s extremely important to create a comfortable psychological environment in the family. Children are very sensitive. Allow them to express their likes, dislikes, and concerns about school openly. Show them your unconditional love. And let them know you accept their weaknesses.

4. Are you interested in the school life of your kid?

A) Yes. I usually ask them how was their day

B) My kid sometimes tells me about their school life

С) Yes. I always know what’s going on

The best answer is C.

It’s not enough to ask them the routine question “How was your day?”. Express your interest in their personality, feelings, and thoughts. Try to be their best friend!

5. Do you give your kid presents for their school achievements?

A) I give them presents for every good grade they get

B) I give them a gift at the end of the school year

С) No. I think that being a good student is their responsibility

If your option is B, you’re on the right track!

Encouragement is a great drive to study better. But you don’t have to buy expensive presents for every excellent grade they get. A good gift at the end of the school year will be quite an appropriate decision.

6. What is more important: results or effort?

A) Hard work and effort

B) The result. What’s the point of trying if there’s no result

The preferred answer is A.

Hard work and effort are indicators of school progress. So don’t pay much attention to their school grades. The major thing is to see their effort.

7. How often do you praise your child?

A) I praise them only for their success

B) I praise them quite often

The best answer is B.

Praising kids only for their success isn’t such a good idea as it may seem. Supporting every positive aspiration is definitely a better decision. This will develop their self-confidence and reveal their talents.

8. How do you usually spend time with your kid outside the house?

A) We visit places of interest or children’s workshops

B) We have a lot of fun while shopping together

C) We enjoy playing sports together

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The best answer is A.

How do you feel about spending a great time together while getting extra education? A short journey, a visit to a museum or a workshop are excellent tools for this purpose. 

9. Does your child have a hobby?

A) They don’t have time for a hobby. Education is more important

B) Sure. A hobby is a big part of their life

C) Frankly, I don’t know.

The best answer is B.

Having a hobby is an important part of our life. Don’t be afraid it will replace learning. Better talk to your child about priorities in their life. Let them know you are always ready to support their every decision.

10. How do you feel about your kid’s school failure?

A) I’m furious!

B) I’m not angry. I try to figure out what’s wrong.

C) I easily accept his failures

The best answer is B.

Don’t scold your child for poor grades. Better give them support and find out what’s the problem. Remember, failure is quite a good drive for reaching their goal.

11. Do you help your child to stay organized?

A) No, I’m not responsible for their schedule

B) Yes, I control their every move

C) I offer them my help from time to time

The preferred answer is C.

Disorganization makes the learning process complicated. A daily routine is really important for children. But this doesn’t mean that you have to control their every move. Just try to offer them your help.

12. What’s your attitude to game-based learning?

A) Learning shouldn’t be fun

B) My child enjoys playing educational games

C) I like the idea. But we haven’t tried it yet

The best answer is option B.

Did you know that we perceive information better when we’re playing? That’s why educational games are the easiest way to encourage your kids to study. Games are an excellent workout for our brains — give them a chance!

Evaluation system:

9 or more correct answers

Your child is a lucky one, as you are born to motivate people to study! Keep it up!

6-9 correct answers

You are on the right way. Take our tips and make a little more effort. You are sure to succeed!

3-6 correct answers

Perhaps you should reconsider your strategy. Trusting relationships, faith in your kid’s success, and spending time together will surely help you. Go ahead!

0-3 correct answers

How do you feel about changing your approach and becoming your kid’s main inspiration?  Dedicate more time to your kid, try to make the educational process fun through game-based learning, and don’t chase good grades. Good luck!


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