Want your kids to enjoy reading? Check out this guide for progressive parents!

Want your kids to enjoy reading? Check out this guide for progressive parents!

There is tons of information on how to encourage a child to read. That’s why we’d like to skip the theory and not go over the things like reading lists and such. Instead, we’ve approached the problem from a creative angle and came up with a number of simple, yet practical tips for developing a reading habit in a child.

Buy a cookbook

Let the child choose and read the recipe from a cookbook and then make dinner together! Turn cooking into a joyful pastime, use food colorings, beautiful molds and any number of other cool props. Do it on the regular and reading will be associated with something pleasant and exciting!

Book party

Organize a book party at home! Come up with themed contests, decorate the house, and invite your child’s friends! Cooperate with other parents and enact a scene based on fairy tales or comic books. Kids will be delightfully surprised to see adults in a new role.

Build a hut

It doesn’t matter where to build a hut. A suitable place can be a park, a backyard, or a baby’s room. The main task is to create a cozy and private environment. Put warm blankets and lay out the pillows inside the hut. Take a flashlight, a colorful book, and enjoy the magical land of amazing stories together! The child will definitely be fascinated!

Book Challenge

Make a list of books that a child has to read for a certain period of time. Don’t specify the books, but outline the topics:

  • Fantastic story;
  • Time travel;
  • Animal story;
  • School;
  • Fairy tale;
  • Superheroes;
  • Graphic novel;
  • Friendship story.

This is an indicative list. You can pick the topics in accordance with the interests of your child. Invite other kids to participate in the Challenge. This will give the event a competitive spirit. You can even introduce a small prize to the one who completes the list first! For additional accountability, create your own hashtag and share your kid’s reading progress on social media.

Family reading

Start a family tradition of reading aloud together. A warm and supportive environment will show your child the value of books and make them a part of an exciting family tradition. Be sure to discuss the story over a cup of tea after reading.

Don’t ignore manuals

Let your child read manuals on their new toys. Suchwise, reading will be associated with something useful and entertaining. A good option is to buy a book with practical tips for children, say, “how to draw a dragon”, “how to grow a flower in a pot”, “how to make a slime”, etc.

Start a reader diary

Give your child a cool notebook and let them write down the names of their favorite characters, draw pictures, or think of the ways to continue the story beyond the book. Mark the number of read pages with bright stickers! Suggest keeping a list of unfamiliar words from the text. This will significantly expand the child’s vocabulary and diversify the approach to reading.

Write notes to each other

Leave the child written messages of any content. It can be a to-do list, kind words, or even quests! Hide notes in the most unexpected places: under the bed, in the refrigerator, or in the backpack! Don’t forget to ask your kid to write a reply.


Decorate any piece of furniture using the decoupage technique. It can be an old table, nightstand or a wooden box. Use newspaper clippings or pages from favorite books as a basic material. As a result, you’ll get an extraordinary and useful interior solution. What is more, your child will unwittingly read the text every time they look at the subject.

Magazine subscriptions

Introduce some excitement into your child’s life – subscribe them to a weekly magazine! Your kid will be waiting for the day it arrives and each time it’s gonna be the whole thing.

We hope that our guide will be useful to you. And if you don’t have enough time for all these creative activities, an elegant solution would be to install the reading app.

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