Raising an Adventurer? Here’s 10 Epic Books for Kids

Raising an Adventurer? Here’s 10 Epic Books for Kids

Adventure books are a dime a dozen, but good ones are a rare find. Lucky for you, we’ve researched hundreds of the most popular adventure books for kids and here is our foolproof list of suggestions for every age.

The Paper Princess (4+)

Blown away by a gust of wind, the paper princess manages to get herself into a series of wonderful adventures, but never stops looking for a way back to the little girl who made her. This inventive story is matched by vibrant collages, making for an entertaining read with layers of hidden messages.

Three Bears in a Boat (4+)

Charlie, Dash, and Theo destroy their mother’s favorite seashell by accident and set out on a sea voyage to replace it. And, you guessed it, it doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. As much as it is an entertaining story, the art pulls its own weight with much imagination and attention to detail and quite a few hidden references to other famous children’s books.

Pippi Longstocking (6+)

Pippi is an orphan who lives in a house with a monkey and a horse. Oh, and she is loaded. Burdened with neither the parental care nor the financial strains of realistic storytelling, Pippi spends her days corrupting neighborhood kids and getting to all kinds of mischief. She couldn’t care less for adult authority and isn’t shy to call grown ups out on their bullshit. Children seem to love this book for some reason.

Nobody Likes a Goblin (6+)

In a surprising turn of events the narrative is flipped to show the adventure from the perspective of what we came to think of as a villain. A group of adventurers breaks into a cave and robs the goblin of his possessions and takes his best friend Skeleton. What’s a poor creature to do but go after the offenders? The book is a must read for wannabe adventurers of any age group.

The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle (8+)

A girl named Bicycle has been raised in the company of Mostly Silent Monks and that’s just a fraction of the inspiration this book draws from real life. Absurdity aside, the story is a coast-to-coast bike ride, where main hero makes new friends by utilizing the power of listening that she gained being raised in a place where words are scarce. It’s a beautiful message and a dynamic adventure that keeps you entertained all the way through.

Fortunately, the Milk (8+)

An absurd, imaginative tale of a dad trying to explain why it took him so long to get milk from a corner store. Apparently, he was delayed by an alien abduction, and the pirate queen, time-travelling dinosaur, volcano god, wumpires, and some other obstacles of minor significance. The important thing is, he’s got milk.

Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans (8+)

In a quest to find her missing uncle, Samantha travels the world through a hidden transportation system, overcomes multiple obstacles and villains, learns some facts about her destinations, and, overall, manages to have some fun. And so will you, for the book is a delight for adults and children alike, it’s silly, entertaining, and somewhat educational — a perfect mix.

The Mad Wolf’s Daughter (9+)

Twelve-year-old lass is on a quest to rescue her father and waaaaay too many brothers from an evil lord. She is strong, spirited, and canny, and she knows how to wield a sword too. But her main obstacle is going to be learning the dark truth about her family. Anyway, all you really need to know is that it’s a dynamic, well-written story about a girl with a sword — we could really use more of those.

The Girl Who Could Not Dream (10+)

Something’s bound to go wrong when both of your parents are actively involved in the dream trading business. When Sophie’s parents disappear, she is the only one who can solve the mystery. A fast-paced thriller, riddled with humor and furry sidekicks is an entertaining read for kids and parents alike.

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles (11+)

Kind, innocent, and imaginative quest to find the magical land of the last of the really great Whangdoodles. Granted, it is also a story of a strange man inviting kids into his home and instructing them not to tell their parents, but, shall you decide to look past that, you’ll discover one of the best childhood reads ever written.

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