"Now my son adores reading!" The story of an amazing transformation

"Now my son adores reading!" The story of an amazing transformation

Children of the digital age don’t spend nearly enough time on books. Concerned, parents seek assistance from teachers, child psychologists, and educational portals. However, in most cases these measures don’t deliver the desired result: children continue to spend most of their free time holding onto a screen.

Today, we’ll tell you the true story of a mother, who successfully limited screen time and managed to make her son fall in love with reading.

Jane, mother of a 9-year-old boy

“Did you know that a typical book for children contains 40% more rare words than an adult conversation? Spoken language develops only the basic part of a child’s lexicon. The other part comes from reading books! It’s a proven fact that children who read regularly have a richer vocabulary and more elegant speech patterns.

That’s why I’ve always been convinced that the love of books should be developed from childhood. If you don’t develop the habit of reading from an early age, you won’t enjoy books as an adult.

And I did try doing just that. I bought illustrated editions, read before bed, and discussed the stories with my son. I was sure that this approach would help my kid fall in love with reading.

Boy was I wrong! Shooting games and cartoons – that’s all that Alex was interested in. Realizing the problem, I tried to limit his screen time and made him read at least 15 pages a day. Needless to say, Alex didn’t like this situation. As a result, he finally lost interest in reading.

At that time I didn’t understand that books should be associated with purely positive emotions.

I have no idea how long this would continue for if one day I didn’t discover a magical app! Nicola Read2Play is a kind of parental control tool that allows to limit screen time and to motivate children to read more. The way it works is you determine the time for games and books and set a daily goal for reading. All entertainment apps on the device will be available after the goal is reached.

Such an approach allows you to observe the perfect balance between games and reading. At the same time, the kid doesn’t feel the pressure and enforcement. Friendly interface, bonus system, and funny animated characters that grow when the child reads are very popular with kids.

The basic task of Nicola is to develop the habit of reading and make the books into something associated with the desire to play.

Now my son adores reading, although he hasn’t stop playing video games. I’m always happy to enter Alex’s room and see him reading. He chooses books from the home library and enthusiastically tells me about time travel and the fantastic adventures of his favorite characters”.


Impressed by Jane’s story? Download the app and help your kid enjoy reading!