Learn How To Boost Your Child’s Imagination

Learn How To Boost Your Child’s Imagination

It’s believed that all children have a good imagination. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The good news is that imagination can be trained. The bad news – you have to get to it until it’s too late. Let’s figure out how to boost your kid’s creativity.

The power of imagination

Albert Einstein believed that having a good imagination is more important than having knowledge:  “Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” That’s right, Einstein would hardly have succeeded without having a creative power.

First of all, imagination is a powerful tool for your kid’s development as it’s closely connected with thinking and memory. Secondly, a vivid imagination is a major characteristic of creative thinking — the call of the 21st century. A man can be easily replaced by machines in all spheres except for creativity. You can come up with something revolutionary new only if you can think outside the box. It turns out that imagination is a ticket to a successful future for your child.

Negative factors

First, you need to find the factors that prevent your child from using imagination. The most common ones are the fear of criticism, lack of freedom, and a busy schedule.

It’s often the case that a child’s day is scheduled minute by minute — school, sports, homework, chores, and so forth. They have absolutely no time to play for their pleasure. You will be surprised, but the ability to think creatively requires time and a free mind.

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash

Take a look at how much freedom you give to your children. If you constantly limit your kids, they will get used to living in a rigid framework. That can hardly be called a fertile ground for creativity.

Regular reading

Books are an endless source of creativity. While reading, we try to predict the narrative, imagine the characters and the world in which they live. Unfortunately, not many children today choose reading books instead of playing games or watching cartoons. Kids prefer gadgets because it’s a quick and easy way to get information — you don’t need to strain the brain. Vivid images are already on your screen.

Nicola Read2Play app is designed to promote the love of reading in children. All educational processes are based on the principle “Learning is fun!”.  As a result, positive emotions begin to be associated with studies and regular reading is no longer seen as boring. Try the app here.

Creative activities

Imagination is closely related to creativity. At least once a week, engage your child in practicing creative activities. Drawing, for example, can be combined with special exercises to train the imagination.

“Goodies and baddies”

Give a child two identical pictures of a person or an animal. The child’s task is to finish them in such a way that one character becomes good, and the other one—evil.

Flight of fantasy”

Blindfold the child and turn on the music. Ask them to draw everything that comes to their mind. Then discuss the drawing together.

“Magic pencils”

Imagine you gave your kid magic pencils. Everything that’s drawn with these pencils comes to life at midnight. Think a bit together what would you like to draw

Imagination games 

What could be better than a book? — Imagination games! It is enough to ask your kid “What happens if …” to start the game. Here is a sample list of questions. “What happens if”:

  • Hamsters can fly
  • The sun turns green
  • Aliens conquer the world
  • People turn into ice cream
  • You meet a talking dog
  • The world turns upside down

To show your kid an example, be the first to start the game. Try to give a detailed answer to the question, showing them that making up stories is exciting! 


Without creativity, the world is plain and boring. Look at the world with curiosity and don’t be afraid to go beyond the scope of everyday routine. Share this truth with your kid. You are their hero after all.