How to make your child love reading. Parent’s story

How to make your child love reading. Parent’s story

Since childhood I adored books. A day without reading was unthinkable for me. It sometimes was even ridiculous: some children were forced to read by their parents, and my parents asked me to stop reading. They worried about my psyche, eyes and a huge amount of swallowed information. I carried love for reading in general, and, to children’s literature, in particular, through my life, and, of course, I really want my children to share this ‘addiction’. But how can this be done in practice? After all, unfortunately, no one teaches us to raise children, mothers have to find answers to many questions on their own, by trial and error selecting keys to locks.

I want to tell you my story, maybe for someone it will be that key.

It began 6 years ago, when I first realized the joy of future motherhood …

During pregnancy, I began to read out loud to my child. Not because it was necessary, but because I really wanted to do this and liked the idea itself. It was our little sacrament, during which the whole world around seemed to freeze and stop, listening to the unhurried rustle of pages and the sound of two hearts beating in unison. Some time passed and I learned about the haptonomy — the method of perinatal psychotactical contact, and realized that in fact these were our unconscious haptonomy sessions.

I had a beautiful daughter, and, of course, I began, or rather, continued, to read to her. However, at the same time, it was not that easy to find high-quality children’s literature. Various rhymes accompanied our games, walks, massage sessions and other activities. And even for bathtime we had a separate book :). At that time, most of my actions were taken by instinct, and a bit later it was rather pleasant to know that I was doing everything in the right way. Thus, for example, children of early age are recommended to read primarily poetic works with a clear rhythm, and they were predominant in our literary diet.

When my daughter was 6 months old, she became interested in pictures in books. We read and looked through different books several times a day, and I should admit that this is also a great way to have a little rest for mother :). Animals and their cubs, colors and forms, vegetables and fruit, clothing and footwear — we learnt all of these basic concepts with the help of books.

One more thing is that I always took (and continue to take) books to all the places where time is supposed to be spent waiting in boring queues. And this is where the book comes in handy, I would even say that you open something new every time. It’s like when after running and enjoying plenty of fresh air, you, starving, suddenly notice with surprise the extraordinary taste of a dried crust of bread :). Our trips to visit friends and relatives, to the village, to the sea — we always have some room for a couple or three favorite books in our backpacks.

The book was the best gift for all of us. If I had to go somewhere, I always bought a new book for my daughter as a small gift.

And, of course, we actively practice reading before bedtime. I can not even remember the moment when it became a nice tradition.

In our house books are everywhere and are easy to get. They can be found in every room where the child plays. In one room it’s just a small pile on the nightstand, in the other — a few volumes on the shelf, and somewhere — an impressive bookcase. But it’s so nice to see a child who takes a book, and runs to you with exclamations: “Please read! Read! “

And yes, children are big conservatives. And if they have got one favorite book, then you should be ready to read it thousand times. And it does not matter that you read the same book for several weeks and for a long time and the whole family learned it by heart already:). If you want the child not to lose interest in reading, read what he asks. Even if you see the Gruffalo or Chukovsky characters in nightmares.

What I can recommend to do is to offer a book of your choice for daytime reading, or suggest the child choose one from several books, but selected by you.

As a result, by the time your child turns two years old he will no longer imagine the day spent without books. I’ve checked this twice :).