How to create an ideal place for reading

How to create an ideal place for reading

To fully immerse yourself into the world of the book, you need a peaceful atmosphere and privacy. When there is no special room for the library, you can read anywhere. However, a separate zone with a comfortable place helps to create a tradition of leisurely ‘digestion’ of intellectual food. So, what do you need to know to create the perfect place to read for yourself and your kids?

Closer to the light — windowsill

First of all, look for a peaceful place. The main condition is silence and peace, so that you can stay with the book tete-a-tete.

The most common place to read is the wide windowsill near the window. This place is really comfortable for daytime reading. This is an excellent source of light and is just great for your eyes. The view outside the window will help to relieve tension and relax after a long reading.

If you want, you can equip the place with shelves and decorative pillows. The main thing is that this space does not conflict with the general style of the interior.

A windowsill of the height of up to 45 centimeters will be convenient as a bench. If it is slightly higher, then it can play the role of a table, at which it is comfortable to read, make notes, drink tea, coffee.

Balcony, terrace, attic

When the weather is good, the ideal place for reading is a balcony or a terrace. A soft blanket and pillows will help create a cozy atmosphere.

The attic has one positive feature — it is ideally designed for relaxation. There is no need to have a large room for reading books. It is totally fine if the room is small. This will make the atmosphere even more romantic.

Equip the attic with bookshelves, place a comfortable chair or a sofa at the window. This place has the most light. Thus you will get real pleasure from the reading process.

If you have only one room, the effect of privacy can be achieved using some shelves or bookcases. For true book lovers it is important to relax, fully immerse themselves into reading to better imagine what they read.

Which chair is better

You can use anything: a chair, a bench, a sofa, but the most comfortable place is an armchair. And even better when it’s with a footrest. There are specially equipped models. If you do not have such an armchair, then the puff is what can be used instead.

Designers often offer non-standard models of armchairs, equipped with a mini-library. They have additional storage space.

Choose any place that is convenient for you to read. It can be a leather armchair in the form of a throne, a rocking chair, a treasure chest or a couch. The main thing is that you feel comfortable to enjoy reading.

If you do not use the footrest, place a soft mat in the chair area. The situation will become more comfortable and the feet will be warmer. So, you will be able to immerse yourself in reading without experiencing any discomfort.

Clean up the mess

Books in the interior create a special atmosphere. It is important that they support the general style in the house and do not clutter up the space. Sort them by color, which will make the room look stylish. It’s good when the bookshelves are next to the place for reading. If this is not possible, use baskets and boxes for books. So you can take a few books and not create a mess on the floor.

Good light is important

While reading your eyes get tired. In addition to daylight, use additional lamps with height adjustment. Choose lamps which light is close to daylight. Bright light in the reading area is useful to those who read at night.

Make sure there is no shadow on the book from your hand, it is recommended that the light source is installed on the left for right-handers and on the right for left-handed people. The main condition is that the light should fall on the pages of the text.

It is recommended to create a place for reading in the interior with light colors. A light surface can scatter light and reduce tension.

Follow these tips and enjoy your favorite books in a great and relaxing atmosphere!