Find out why quizzes are a great educational tool for kids

Find out why quizzes are a great educational tool for kids

Adults and children love quizzes! First off, it’s fun. Secondly, taking a quiz is a wonderful opportunity to check your knowledge and learn something new. No wonder teachers around the world use these educational games in their work. Check out five reasons why quizzes are a great educational tool for your kid.

School stress reduction

Usually, children are anxious about their school grades. A constant fear of failing tests or becoming the worst student in the class can discourage the desire to learn.

Playing quizzes at home is less stressful. Even if a child makes mistakes, they don’t feel negative emotions. As time goes on, a kid develops an adequate reaction to errors, and school tests cease to be a source of anxiety.

Additional learning motivation

Did you know that a game is one of the oldest educational techniques? That’s because the human brain absorbs information better when we are playing. A study at the University of Sheffield showed that a game is a powerful motivator in learning.

From early childhood, kids explore the world through play. You’ve probably noticed that children learn poems better when parents sing them to their kids.

When you answer quiz questions, you are both having fun and learning. As a result, educational games develop a thirst for knowledge and a habit of learning.

Boosted confidence

Quizzes are a great confidence booster for a child. The quiz format allows kids to check their knowledge without worrying about the reaction of their classmates or parents. It’s a good chance for children to practice their skills and make mistakes without being embarrassed.

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Quizzes can be extremely useful for introverted or shy children who rarely raise their hand in class for fear of failing. Kids get used to answering questions when taking quizzes. This makes children more determined and more confident.

Improved school performance

Educational games are.. well.. Educational – and they can be a great school aid. The first time you take a quiz you get 5 out of 10 right. You want to achieve a better result, so you play again and again, trying to remember the answers. It turns out that the more children play a quiz, the smarter they become.

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Quizzes help children to develop patience, focus, and logical thinking. When you’re playing a quiz you have to keep your mind on what you are doing. A kid learns to be mindful of trick questions and becomes more critical when processing information. These skills are very much in demand at school.

Extra help for test preparation

Quizzes are the best tool to revise information. If your child has a test, advise them to take a quiz on the topics they’ve studied. This will help your kid to remember the material, as well as to identify knowledge gaps and highlight areas that need more revision. Remember that taking a quiz is a simple way to embed information in our brains and provide a firm foundation for the next stage of learning.


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