"Even cooler than video games!" 8 -year-old boy talks about his reading experience

"Even cooler than video games!"  8 -year-old boy talks about his reading 	experience

Oliver is an amazing child by modern standards! He likes to read books more than he likes to play video games and watch cartoons. Although, it wasn’t always like this. Let’s find out what made Oliver fall in love with reading.

“I couldn’t bear the books before! Reading was boring, hard and stressful. Every text seemed to me a set of meaningless sentences. I didn’t understand the importance of reading. There were cartoons and children’s channels on Youtube! My mother tried to explain to me that a book could be interesting and exciting. Then she installed an app with a funny dino on my tablet. The more I read, the faster it grew! I was delighted because I always dreamed of a pet. At first, I became friends with Nikola, and then with the books.

Now I’m reading The Chronicles of Narnia. This book is even cooler than video games! Magic, White Witch and brave children saving Narnia — so many adventures right in your head! I enjoy imagining who the characters would be in real life. Well, giant Jadis would definitely look ridiculous!

The only thing I’m upset about is that I can discuss my favourite books only with mom and granny. My friends don’t enjoy reading at all…”

Kate, boy’s mother:

“It’s difficult to compete with gadgets nowadays. Digital content is quick, easy, and very addicting. What is more, reading requires effort. Especially at the very beginning, when the child hasn’t developed the habit yet.

I’ve tried several things, you know! I read bedtime stories, talked about the advantages of reading, bought graphic novels, and listened to audio books and even tried to ban the tablet! All for nothing. It was difficult for Oliver to focus on the book for more than 10 minutes.

And since it was pointless to fight the gadgets, I’ve decided to use them to my advantage. It took me a few days to study the information and reviews about educational apps. The idea of ​​Read2Play app sounded very appealing! You determine the time for reading and limit game access. A child can unblock games only after the daily reading goal is reached. All a parent needs to do is set the schedule!

You can’t cheat the app! The system tracks eye movement and knows exactly whether your kid is reading or not. Well, it sounds a bit alarming, but Read2Play is in fact a soft parental control tool. Children like friendly interface and enjoy interacting with funny characters. Reading ceases to be associated with boredom! However, it’s still very important to choose the right book.

I highly recommend starting with Megumi Iwasa’s book Yours sincerely, Giraffe.

This funny story about the importance of friendship and loneliness is perfect for independent reading. Short chapters and clear style of narration are easily accepted by children of 6-8 years old.

The main parental task is to teach the child to perceive long texts and to form a skill of fluent reading. Well, Nicola Read2Play app copes with the task brilliantly!

I can’t say that Oliver stopped playing zombies and shooters completely. Though, he began to read books much more willingly and with great interest”.


We really hope that Oliver’s story will encourage you and your kids to read more! After all, the book always remains a faithful friend, a reliable adviser and the best entertainment.