7 TED-Ed videos that will show your kids that math is fun

7 TED-Ed videos that will show your kids that math is fun

Odds are, your kids don’t like math. No surprise about it, math is a widely hated discipline. According to statistics, math is the least favorite subject among students around the world. Unfortunately, some of the best paid jobs require advanced math knowledge. Do you want your kids to have a chance of getting one of them well-paid math jobs? Then let’s show them that math can be fun! We’ve chosen 7 exciting videos to show your children that math is a queen of sciences.

Disgusting slimy monster

Just imagine a disgusting slimy monster walking the planet and devouring everything in its path! Weapons, fire, military equipment, and even natural disasters can’t stop him. Every hour, the monster is doubled in size. The only way to save the planet is to cut the monster into 7 acute-angled triangles using a special radioactive nano wave. Try to solve this riddle with your child!

Risky jailbreak

This time, you have to play the role of the most famous robber in the Wild West and make an escape! At the appointed time, you have to be near the electric fence. Your partner will give you a signal, and after 45 seconds the fence will be powered down for only 1 second. Bad luck! Your watch suddenly broke. What is your plan? Think of an appropriate solution or find an answer in the video!

The vampire hunter

The easiest way to kill a vampire is to flood their lair with sunlight! Imagine that you’ve already crept into their house and placed mirrors along the way. When the time comes, the sun will reflect off your mirrors and light up the vampires’ bedroom. To make the plan work, you need to place one more mirror and you can’t afford to pick the wrong location.

The werewolf riddle

Would you like to play a detective tracking a werewolf? The circle of your suspects consists of 5 people: mayor, tailor, baker, grocer, and carpenter. You have an idea to invite them to dinner and to add a special antidote to each of their meals. The only problem is that the antidote cube needs to be cut into 5 equal parts. Care to try?

The time travel portal

Imagine you work in a secret lab. And today isn’t a good day for making experiments. Your boss has accidentally stepped into the time travel portal. You have to go after the professor and solve the riddle to save yourself and your boss.

The robot-ants 

Have you heard about the killer robot-ants ? These little monsters have deadly lasers that are out of control and can’t be turned off. You have five minutes only before the ants go live and a disaster becomes inevitable. Solve the riddle to save the world!

The battle of wizards

You have to take part in the deathmatch of 3 wizards! Your opponents are a magician who turns people into fish and an enchantress who turns all living creatures into statues. To survive, you need to choose one of three magic wands. Which one is guaranteed to bring you victory?


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